Soular System Apr 10, 2002

Yesterday I received a CD in the mail from one of my computer consulting clients, Cory Morgenstern. Cory is a musician who is about to release a new album under the name "Soular System," and the CD was the rough mix of that album, or "Ruff Mix," as it is written on the CD face.

I have to say that even though I'd heard most of these songs before at some stage of their production, I'm highly impressed by how good they are. Since I last heard them, horns (and other things) have been added, and it really adds a lot to the music. In addition, the CD covers a really wide range of musical styles, going from heavy metal to reggae to inspirational ballad to love song in the first 4 tracks alone :)

Other notable tracks include "Big Bang," a Southern-style blues piece, "God Saves Us All," a spiritual number, and "Wacko in Disguise", a… erm… somewhat difficult to describe (but EXCELLENT) song.

So anyway, I figured I'd put in a plug for those who haven't heard of Soular System yet, which I guess must be most people at this point. So check out their site! Click here. You know you want to.