Swapfest! Apr 21, 2002

Went to MIT Swapfest today. This is kind of a big flea market for computer geeks. You can, for example, get a Digital AlphaServer, which is the size of your average minifridge, for under $100. Cool beans.

I picked up a FAST AVMaster PCI video editing board for $15, mainly because the lady selling it didn't know what it was, or that it normally retailed for $300. Also got a Gravis USB Gamepad (basically a Playstation controller for PCs), and a cordless phone that didn't work for $2. No, I didn't know it didn't work when I bought it, but I only spent $2, so I don't feel too bad. Also, a guy paid me $4 to take a box of keyboard dust covers :)

Playing in orchestra concert at Wellesley tonight. Wish me luck!