A test, and some LARPs Apr 30, 2002

Haven't posted in awhile, so here goes.

First and foremost, I wrote an online personality test! Everyone should take it. Be warned: this isn't your standard online personality test :)

So. I ran 3 LARPs last Thursday night, which went pretty well, considering I'd never run any significant RPGs before at all. Did 2 runs of "Strangers on a Bus" and 1 run of "Bus Stop." The GM-to-player ratio on the second "Strangers" run was pretty incredible - 4 to 5 - and I think it detracted from the game a bit. Mental note: proper ratio for "Strangers" is 2 to 5.

School-wise, everything's kind of winding up for finals, which begin next week. It's amazing how fast this semester went. I'm going to miss everyone, but I'm also looking forward to being home and to camp.

Will write more later. Going to dinner, then orchestra.