This is it. Nov 13, 2002

All right everyone, listen up. Those of you who are still reading this blog, anyhow, which I don't imagine are very many.

This is the last entry in my LiveJournal. Henceforth, it is OFFICIALLY CLOSED. I just don't feel like updating this thing anymore.

Oh, and btw, since Vickie informed me yesterday that according to this journal, I'm still dating Audrey, I guess I should mention that I'm not. I'm now dating Vickie. Go read her blog, which actually gets updated on a semi-regular basis, unlike this one. Those of you who want the details on me and Audrey should contact one of us - don't worry, Audrey and I are still on good terms, and it wasn't a messy breakup.

Anyway. Henceforth, those of you who want the torrid details of my personal life shall be foreced to call me, or IM me, or something. My AIM screen name is NatBudin42. I'll see y'all around.