That damn lyrics meme Nov 9, 2004

Everyone else seems to be doing it, and it seems fun, so wht the heck.

Try to guess the songs that came up on my random shuffle. Here are lyrics from the middle of each of them. No artist repeats.

1) Rising up to the surface, raging against the night, starless night 2) But they cut him off welfare, and he was too proud to beg 3) So we mesmerize a way to go, reaching out the universe 4) Come rich man, come poor man, come fool, or come witty 5) She walked down through the garden in the morning after it rained 6) Then suddenly appeared before me, the only one my arms would ever hold 7) You're keeping an eye on the past as you go, cause it's always following you 8) So come rise up my Johnny, and gane awa' hame 9) My friends have seen him hiding underneath my skin 10) Look at him working, darning his socks in the night when there's nobody there 11) Six lanes of traffic, three lanes moving slow 12) But you've been told many times before, messiahs pointed to the door 13) When my flax was spun, I sold my ring 14) But our hearts sent SOS, please save me 15) How about the power of flight? That do anything for ya? 16) I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to offend you - should I, like, change my attitude? 17) Tried to cancel PBS and tear Big Bird apart 18) Look out, Homestar! It's Strong Bad! 19) Cold wind blows right through that open door 20) Rocket scientists, engineers, been working out theories all these years

Update: fixed a misheard lyrics mistake in #3 and #5.