Of Dilation and Platforms Oct 14, 2005

I can't really see too well right now, so please excuse any spelling errors I didn't catch. You see, my pupils are all dilated. ([Coworker]: "Whoa. That's dilated, all right.") I just had my eyes examined, and one of the things they did involved putting drops in my eyes, so that's why. But the good news is, I'm getting new glasses! They're pretty spiffy, too - they're the kind that go dark in bright sunlight. On the downside, I had to take the Red Line into work today because I couldn't see well enough to drive in the city.

In other good news, I have a bed! Bedbedbedbedbed!  /me jumps on bed.

It's actually been three months since I ordered the damn bed, and apparently 2 months was the real expected delivery time ( href="http://www.bedroom-furniture-direct.com">company lied about original delivery time).  When it was finally delivered, a structurally critical piece (the SIDES of the bed are pretty fscking critical) was missing - they "forgot" to ship it in the first place.  So they shipped it out here, which took another month.  I had to work from home yesterday in order to wait for the delivery guys.  But when they showed up, they assembled the bed for me, which was nice.

Bottom line: don't order from Bedroom Furniture Direct if you can help it.