Music Thingy Nov 7, 2005

(Stolen from . Yeah, I'm a sucker for music thingies. Real update, or at least, advertisement for fun Boston-area activity, coming up soon.)


SORT BY SONG TITLE first - 1000 Years of Peace - Nenad Bach (sort of. I didn't count songs that appeared to have track numbers embedded in the title. If I had, it would be "01 - Heaven and Hell" by The Who.) last - Zhanym - Urker

SORT BY TIME first - (0:04) I Heard A Sound - They Might Be Giants (one of the Fingertips songlets) last - (43:35) Thick as a Brick - Jethro Tull

SORT BY ALBUM first - 100 Songs for Kids - Raffi last - Zenyatta Mondatta - The Police

TOP FIVE MOST PLAYED SONGS …no idea. Rhythmbox does not have that feature. :-P

FIRST SONG THAT COMES UP ON SHUFFLE The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill - The Beatles

find “sex.” how many songs come up? 12. Most are by E-Rotic. find “death.” how many songs come up? 16, although most are from "Aquabats vs. the Floating Eye of Death" find “love.” how many songs come up? 104