Will the real Rx please stand up? Jan 8, 2006

Wow, a real entry for the first time in … quite some time. Random occurrences in my life of late follow.

  • and I just got back from Legal's and Blue Man Group. Fun evening out.
  • Dropped the F-bomb accidentally in a conference call at work. Provo folks on the line. Nobody said anything about it, but ... meh. (When I say "accidentally", just to clarify, I mean that I wasn't fully aware and certainly wasn't thinking about the fact that people who might have actually been offended by it were on the phone. I most certainly did mean to say the F-word. Us Cantabrigians in general are fairly chill about swearing, but we end up having to watch it around people from ... other parts of the US.)
  • Work on Welcome to Scearbridge University progressing well. We've had two meetings and done a fair amount of planning and cleanup work. We're now running entirely on Plone, which I highly recommend for LARP writers. 10 Bad LARPs in 100 Bad Minutes is also scheduled to run at Intercon F, but there really aren't going to be any game changes for it since the last run at Mid-Atlantic. Wondering if it might be a good idea to send our players an email anyway, just to let them know we're alive and thinking about them.

I've recently had it suggested to me that if I want a social life, I need to be on AIM whenever I'm at home. Now, I really, really dislike instant messaging as a communications medium, for reasons too personal/detailed to go into here. I'd much prefer if people were to call me up or, failing that, email me. I'm (nearly) always polite on the phone and I don't bite, and if it's an inconvenient time for me I will call you back. I like it when people call me on the phone.

That said, what do y'all think? Should I be on AIM? If enough people think so, I guess I will try to be a good instant message monkey.