Beginning of a trend Jun 29, 2006

Right, so since I've started dieting, I've begun eating those weird little meal-replacement nutrition bars you see everywhere nowadays. I figured that in order to make it more fun (for both of us), I would post culinary reviews of these strange concoctions as I consume them. Here we begin with a twofer:

ZonePerfect Toffee Peanut flavor

My first thought upon opening the wraper was that the color of it is absolutely sickening. It's this strange off-white vaguely reminiscent of the casing on an Apple ][e. This turned out to be white chocolate.

This bar actually tasted not unlike a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. I could certainly see myself eating another one of these, and I didn't feel at all hungry afterwards. The only downside was that I was left very, very thirsty because this is one of the sweetest foods I've ever consumed.

PowerBar Harvest Whole Grain Toffee Chocolate Chip flavor

I guess we're getting the toffee flavors right up front, eh? I had this one for breakfast today on the subway. This one looks like a granola bar sitting on top of a chocolate bar, with chocolate chips on front.

The grain/nut flavors were much more prevalent in this than in the ZonePerfect bar, and overall it wasn't as sweet. After eating it, however, I was left feeling vaguely unsatisfied, probably because it doesn't have as much protein as the other bar does.