Weekend-long game near Boston Aug 24, 2006

Hello, LARPers! I'd like to take a short chunk of your time to tell you about an upcoming major LARP event at Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. Foam Brain Productions and the BSCF LARP Conspiracy present the first East Coast run of a classic weekend-long LARP in over 10 years:

THE GAME OF EMPIRE October 20-22

In ages past, it was prophesized that the Empire of Magicians would be reborn at the Thousand Year games. All that remains of that vast realm is the City of Ten Thousand Magicians, whose power is but a pale shadow of what once was. Many strangers have come to the City, for this year, the prophets claim that the Great Game shall be won: the Great Game, where an empire may be won… or everything lost.

The Game of Empire was written by SILWest and will be run by Foam Brain Productions. For (much) more information, see the flyer at http://www.foambrain.com/downloads/empire2006.pdf. To sign up, go to http://empire.foambrain.com or contact Nat Budin at natbudin@gmail.com.

This game is open to the public. We are asking a small $5-10 suggested donation to help recoup printing and travel costs. This is going to be the largest LARP run at Brandeis in a long time, so even if you can't make it, please tell all the LARPers you know to help spread the word!