The Game of Empire NEEDS YOU. No, really. Sep 21, 2006

Hi, guys. It's September 20, and that means there's only one month left until The Game of Empire, a lost classic of weekend-long LARP set to run at Brandeis University, just outside Boston. There's only one problem: the game REQUIRES 50 people to run, and we only have 16 signed up as of this writing.

If we don't get more people signed up SOON, we're going to be forced to CANCEL THE GAME. No, I'm not kidding. If you've been thinking about this game and haven't signed up yet, PLEASE sign up NOW. If you don't, the game probably isn't going to happen. You don't even have to commit to the whole weekend, necessarily - let us know what your time constraints are in your application, and we'll try our best to accomodate you.

We're really excited about this game and we really, really want to make it happen for you. But we can't unless we can get something approaching a full cast soon. If you can, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go to and fill out our casting questionnaire. Really.

Thanks. The original blurb for the game is posted earlier on this journal, BTW.