LARP poll results, and a plug Oct 9, 2007

OK, the results of the last entry (the poll on what LARP we should run this spring) were interesting. I had no idea there was actually interest in us running Snaf University at Brandeis again, considering how recent the last one was. I'm still a little bit dubious that there would be enough people who hadn't played before to actually fill a run, but it's at least worth thinking about.

It didn't surprise me that Fire on High got the most votes - it's what I pretty much expected when I ran the poll - but it does surprise me a lot just how close the gap between that and Snaf U. actually is.

Anyway, I'll have to talk to the various folks involved in these games and figure out what's actually feasible. Thanks for your votes, everybody!

I also have to apologize for having left an option off the poll. Last night, I played in a beta run of the latest Alleged Entertainment production, In the Jungle, last night. This game is written by and , and it's a lot of fun. It's a storytelling game taking place in a hobo village, around a campfire. You've probably seen this kind of game before if you've played "TBA" or "World's End." Seriously immersive, lots of focus on characters, little-to-no plot. I had a great time and I highly recommend this game to anyone who's thinking about going to Intercon Mid-Atlantic. has indicated to me that she'd be interested in running that game in the spring, if people are up for it.