Stolen from captainecchi Oct 18, 2007

  • How did you choose your LJ name? What does it mean?

"Nat Budin" is actually my real name. Well, my full name is "Nathaniel Lang Budin." I go by "Nat" because "Nathaniel" sounds very old-fashioned. "Lang" is my mom's maiden name, and it's also the middle name of my two younger brothers, and Jeremiah.

Nathaniel (I'm told) means "gift of God." My brothers also have Biblical first names, presumably because my parents thought that would be cool.

Lang, or so the family story goes, is an Ellis Island name. Nobody knows the original family name, but the ancestor that first came over to America had bright, flaming red hair (hmm, must be a recessive trait). "Lang" is Hungarian for "flame."

The origin of the name Budin is lost to the mists of time. However, many of my Spanish-speaking friends find it pretty funny, because in Spanish, Budin means "pudding." Hence my IRC nick, mrpudding.

  • Is it a handle you use in other parts of your online life?

Yes, except:

  • on IRC I'm "pudding" or "mrpudding" (see above story)
  • on online games I'm usually "Collini" (generated by a name generator, I liked the sound of it)

  • How well do you feel the name "describes" you? Do you identify with it?

It better! It's my real name!

  • Have you ever considered changing it?

No, but there was a period of time when was considering inverting his middle and last names ("Budin Lang" instead of "Lang Budin"). This was because my mom's generation was going to be the last of the Langs, and he didn't want the name to die out. For some reason he never did it - maybe he can tell you that story.

  • If we met online, what name did you first know me under?

Almost certainly my real name.