A meme Feb 20, 2008

Stolen from rigel.

Age: 24 From: Hastings-on-Hudson, NY. For those from the New York metro area, that will roughly read as "white boy land." Languages: English, obviously. Some Spanish, but not fluent by any means. Lots of programming languages, if that counts. Parentage: First son of a grad school professor and a children's librarian. My dad's family is all from Russia and western-bloc former SSRs, and my mom's family is half Russian and half Hungarian. Education: BS in Computer Science and Philosophy from Brandeis University. Relationship/Domestic Status: In a serious, long-term relationship with . She and I live together along with three other friends. Vocation: Web Applications Developer at DataSynapse, Inc. Previously worked at PatientKeeper and Novell. Astrology: Aries and Year of the Pig, but I don't put any stock in superstition. Totem: It's an okay media player, I guess. (Yes, I understand the meaning of the question, and am deliberately evading it. See answer to Astrology question.) Food and Sex: Preferably separate, thanks. In terms of food, I'm a chocoholic and also love BBQ and Indian food, and generally am a sucker for anything spicy. In terms of sex… that's for me to know. :) Sexual Orientation: Ostensibly straight. Piercings: None. Tattoos: None. Health Foo: Very obviously overweight. Childhood asthma, which isn't around anymore, thankfully. Allergic to cats. Occasionally prone to pulled leg muscles, which I think are stress related. Hobbies: Gaming (LARP, board games, old school PC adventure games). I play guitar and like to sing, both with instruments and karaoke. LARP increasingly is my life.