Mockups, round 3 Oct 23, 2008

Thanks for the feedback, everyone!  Please keep it coming.

Changes this time around:

  • Because Laurion couldn't tell what the velvet rope was, I've altered its appearance - hopefully it's a bit more realistic now, and there's a hint of forced perspective in it so that you can tell that the people are waiting behind it.  It could probably still use some improvement, though, and I'm more than happy to hear suggestions on it.
  • Because Matthew and Josh both commented that they like the numbers better, I've added the maximums back.  I'm hoping the combination of this info and the progress bars will give the whole picture.  Hopefully the new wording is clear enough, but if people have better ideas for how to phrase it, please let me know.
  • I added little "sparks" to the progress bars to indicate where the game's stated preferred numbers are, but I'm not real thrilled about how they made it look, and I'm thinking of removing those.  What do you guys think?