UI Redesign Continued: Requirements Oct 23, 2008

OK, I'm going to do something I ought to have done in the very first post on this topic: requirements.  Since some of us seem to be talking at cross-purposes, we should at least have a discussion about what we want out of this kind of display in the first place.

IMO, the requirements for redesigning the registration numbers display on the schedule page of ProCon are:

  • Compactness: the display needs to be readable on the existing schedule items, which are typically at least 120 pixels wide and 100 pixels tall.  Other information on the schedule item leaves about 50 pixels of vertical space for this display to use.
  • Information at a glance: People need to be able to use these displays to make quick decisions during the registration rush.  Can users glance quickly at this display and see:
    • Which games still have room to register, and
    • Of those, which games are running out of room quickly, and
    • Of the full games, which ones have short waiting lists?
  • Learnability: Oftentimes, people don't have a lot of time to learn how to use these things.  It should be intuitively obvious, or as close to it as possible, what the display means.

But, of course, there's plenty of room to debate these requirements.  So, people who have commented on the last few posts (and anyone else, of course): do these seem like reasonable requirements?  Is there anything you'd add?  Is there anything here you don't think is necessary?

Thanks to everyone for the continued feedback, it's been very helpful.