Introducing Journey Sep 29, 2009

Introducing Journey - online surveys the way they should be. With Journey, creating a survey is simple, flexible, and hassle-free.

After seven weeks of private beta testing, Journey is open for business. I'm proud to be offering straightforward online survey creation for marketers, researchers, and anyone else who just wants answers.

Journey's launch also marks the start of a new business venture: Sugar Pond. Sugar Pond is a software company dedicated to communication, user empowerment, and community. You can read more about what Sugar Pond stands for in our manifesto.

I really want to thank everyone who's provided feedback, encouragement, and sage advice these past few months. I'm truly proud to know all of you, and grateful that you've helped me get this little project to this point.

Now, I have one more favor to ask of you all: please let people know. The best way to get the word out is to link people to this posting, or to the Journey home page, on your blog, Twitter, Facebook, Livejournal, or whatever else you use. If you believe Journey can be a success, please help me out by spreading the word about it.

And if you believe Journey could be a success if only I changed that one little thing, I want your honest feedback. Please, always feel free to email me at with your ideas, suggestions, and complaints. I want to hear from you.