New digs Mar 4, 2010

When John Gruber is right, he's right.  And he's right about hosting your own WordPress.

Briefly - WordPress has a gigantic attack surface.  It's far and away the most popular web application as far as installed instances, and although the developers do a fairly good job with security, the sheer popularity means that as soon as new exploits are discovered, blogs get compromised almost immediately.

It's not that WordPress isn't good software - I think it is - but that running it yourself means having to constantly stay on top of security issues.  What if I go on vacation for 5 days and don't have computer access?  Am I going to get hacked?  More importantly, are the other applications also running on my server - including Journey, which is a commercial software offering - going to get hacked?

It's just plain not worth it.  Let someone else host my blog.

So I've done something I've been thinking about for awhile: I've moved this blog off my own servers and onto  For anyone currently hosting your own WordPress installation, I highly encourage you to seriously consider it too.  It's easy to do, it migrates all your comments, and it's free-to-extremely-cheap.

Unfortunately, they don't let you use just any WordPress theme, so I've set up a new one from their (fairly good) library.  I actually think this one is an improvement on my old theme.

Anyway, enjoy, and please do let me know if you see any issues with the new blog.