Harmony Quest: A LARP About Relationships Jun 26, 2010

Hello LARP fans!  In case you haven't heard, my fiance Viktoriya and I are writing a LARP called "Harmony Quest."  This is an experimental game set at a couples counseling retreat.  Most of the game will be spent in group therapy sessions, in which the characters will be trying to work out their relationship issues.

The game design candy here: we're going to be using real past relationship issues from our players' lives.  On the casting questionnaire, we ask you to tell us some stories about your past relationships, and we'll be using them as the basis for characters.  You won't get the character with your stories - someone else will.

Sound intriguing?  If so, we need players badly! We particularly need males, but we could use more people in general.

If you want to read the blurb, go see Vik's original post about it on LiveJournal.  Or, to sign up, please fill out our casting questionnaire on Journey.  Thanks!