Concert! Album! Jan 18, 2011

OK, this probably merits the rare post on here.

My band, Stranger Ways, played our second gig ever this weekend. We did a joint concert at Arisia 2011, a Boston sci-fi convention, along with our friends Sassafrass, an awesome a capella group. Susan and I estimate we saw about 120 faces there, and if I do say so myself, we rocked them all. :)

Seriously though, it was an absolutely exhilarating show. It was the day before yesterday and I'm still on a high. The crowd was fantastic, and being up on stage with Sassafrass, doing new supergroup-style arrangements, was truly an honor. YouTube videos coming soon on our band channel!

The concert marked the release of our first album, Strangers at the Gate. We had CDs and download cards available for sale at the show (thanks Vik!) and also at the Foam Brain Games booth in the dealers' room (thanks Andrew!). And now, we also have it available for purchase at our site.

This concludes your irregularly scheduled shameless plug. We now return to blog silence as per standard operating procedure.