A Filk Song Supposedly About A Webcomic Jan 19, 2011

Ariela sent me an email this morning asking for the lyrics to the filk song I wrote at Arisia this past weekend, which reminded me that I'd meant to post them here.

A bit of explanation: one of the guests of honor at Arisia '11 was Shaenon Garrity, artist of Skin Horse.  It's a web comic about what Ariela described to me as "a covert-ops social services organization for metahumans," which I think sums up pretty much what I know about the comic.  Ariela had asked me to play guitar and lead some songs in a Skin Horse filk singalong session at Arisia, which I did along with her and Happy Fun Paul.  It was a lot of fun, and I got to learn some new songs on the guitar.

On the way to the session, some words started bouncing around in my head, and I realized I had a songworm.  For a song about a webcomic I knew virtually nothing about.  Well, this was the result.

Song lyrics used to be in this post; however, I decided this blog needed a "songs" section.  So now it is there, along with several other songs I wrote or co-wrote.