Wyrd Times Jun 22, 2010

Being the First in a Series of Overdue Posts about LARP Events

The weekend before last, I attended Wyrd Con One, the first all-LARP convention on the West Coast.  Joining me in my travels was fellow Alleger Greer Hauptman.

Wyrd Con was at once familiar...

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LARPer Resume May 5, 2010

Baaaaa, I'm a sheep.  All my friends are putting up LARP resumes.  I already have a LARP CV up on my web site, but that one's about LARP running, conventioneering and stuff like that.  In this one, I'm going to list all the LARPs I've ever played ...

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Renewing my Passover resolution Apr 4, 2010

Last year, during Passover, I resolved to diet.  And diet.  And keep dieting, until I was not overweight anymore.

I had privately resolved at New Year's to get more exercise, but joining a gym hadn't really helped much.  I felt healthier, but I didn...

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nanoc3 + vlad = awesome web site deployment Mar 11, 2010

I'm almost ready to take the wraps off a new web site I've been working on.  But while I can't yet show you the site, I can show you the cool software I used to develop it and get it online.

This is a static site, meaning it's pretty much just an...

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New header image, too. Mar 6, 2010

Thanks to the inimitable Miss Viktoriya for pointing out the obvious thing I totally missed: the previous header image doesn't look like pudding, it looks like something else soft, warm, and brown.

She was kind enough to find me a new one, so enjoy...

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Moving Intercon Jan 11, 2010

I was going to make a long post about this, but Chad has pretty much said everything I wanted to, and better than I could.  So, first off, please go read his post.  (The summary is that Intercon K, the 2011 New England Intercon, will be held at the...

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Introducing Journey Sep 29, 2009

Introducing Journey - online surveys the way they should be. With Journey, creating a survey is simple, flexible, and hassle-free.

After seven weeks of private beta testing, Journey is open for business. I'm proud to be offering straightforward...

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