10 Bad LARPs: C-Section is coming... May 30, 2009

OK, first of all, I feel I should get this out of the way:
10 Bad LARPs: C-Section is coming. We're planning on making our debut this winter. But in order to do that, we'll need your help. This time, we're actively...
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Engaged Apr 9, 2009

As of today, Viktoriya and I are officially engaged.


This is going to be a long engagement - no wedding date yet, and no plans to set one for quite some time.  Since Vik is in school, and has absolutely no free time to be planning a wedding...

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Ada Lovelace Day Mar 24, 2009

I hadn't heard about Ada Lovelace Day until today, but I think it's a great idea.  Thus, I'd like to write a post to highlight my technology heroines.

Sierra On-Line was certainly the biggest single reason I got into computers and technology.  They...

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Concom Minutes - 8 February 2009 Feb 8, 2009

Less than a month left until Intercon I!  Minutes follow.

Concom Minutes

8 February 2009

Con Com Meeting

  • Registrar
    • We have 309 people, we had one refund
    • We are no longer issuing refunds, we are only issuing rollovers
    • Chad expects we will probably...
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NEIL & Concom Minutes - 11 January 2009 Jan 12, 2009

Snow cone flavors, raffle donors, and a new con chair... it's all here behind the cut!

NEIL & Concom Minutes

11 January 2009

NEIL Annual Meeting

  • Status report from future committee
    • Was going to be talking with Wendy this morning, but weather...
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Intercon I Con Com Minutes - 30 November 2008 Dec 1, 2008

Hey hey party people!  It's minutes time again.

Concom Minutes
30 November 2008


  • NEIL business
    • NEIL annual meeting January 11, at Brandeis
    • Nominations for J con chair
    • The membership cap - review
  • Registrar
    • Our chart is scary looking compared...
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Hired! Nov 26, 2008

A followup to my last post: I've received and accepted a job offer from Iron Mountain Digital.  I'll be working as a Systems Engineer there (which I'm told is about 75% software engineering and about 25% systems administration).

I want to extend my...

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Laid off! Nov 6, 2008

This morning, DataSynapse laid me off.  I probably shouldn't mention too many details on here, but I was told that this was in no way a reflection on me as an employee or my talent.

That means I, like so many other people right now, am in need of...

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Concom Minutes - 2 November 2008 Nov 4, 2008

Signups open tomorrow!  Remember, remember the 5th of November…

Read on for more details from this past Sunday's Intercon Concom meeting.

Concom Minutes
2 November 2008

  • Hotel Liason
    • Is not here, no report.
  • Bid Chair
    • We have lots...
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