Alone Together

by Nat Budin
Available on the upcoming album Nonconsensual by The Crisis Center

This was the first song I ever wrote.  I was in ninth grade at the time.  The lyrics are … sort of like what you'd expect from a ninth-grader attempting to write something deep.

Guitar Chords

Verse:  |  Am    G   | C     G     | Am    G    | F    G   |
        |  Am    G   | C     G     | Am    G    | Am       |

Chorus: |  C         | G           | Am         | E        |
        |  C         | G           | Am    G    | Am       |

Outro: ||: Am    G   | F     G     | Am    G    | F    C   |
        |  Bb        | C           | Bb         | E       :||

Sometimes I think, to me it seems
We're all together sharing a dream
Someday we'll wake up sweating and scream
And find we're alone together

What do we think?  How do we feel?
Where are we going to get our next meal?
And why do we keep reinventing the wheel
If we're alone together?

Sit, watch the bluebirds fly
Wait, watch the clouds roll by
Imagine, in your mind's eye
That we're alone together

Jump on a horse, strap on a sword
Feel the earth shake, hear the giant's roar
How long does it take before you get bored
Of galloping round by a tether?

Sometimes I wonder what living is worth
Sometimes I think about life after birth
Are there really people far away from this earth
Or are we alone together?