Better Days

By Nat Budin & Susan Weiner

Guitar chords:
Verse:  / C     / F   C  / Am  D / G      /
        / C  C7 / F   C  / F   G / C      /
Chorus: / F     / C      / Am    / D   G  / G     /
        / F     / C   Am / F   G / C      /

In the new year this year I’m gonna get right
I know I’ve been wrong in my ways
Open my eyes and turn towards the light
I’m moving up towards better days

I’m givin' up livin' for pie in the sky
I’m stoppin’ my knockin' upon heaven’s door
Forget higher power, let’s all just get high
A hedonist forever more

I’m done being saved I’m spending instead
On cheesecake and women and wine
No sense in saving your pie till you’re dead
And pecan will suit me just fine


You think everything that’s worth doing is sin
You’ve self flagellated and prayed
Stop waiting for saints to go marching in
Lay down your sins and get laid