Happy Children

by Nat Budin

I wrote this one in 11th grade.  It's based on the worst of the worst rumors that were flying around about my hometown at the time, which, being the cynic I was, I believed uncritically.  (Note past tense.)

Guitar chords

Verse A: | G         | Am         | C          | G          |
         | G         | Am         | C          | G          |
Verse B: | F         | G          | F          | G          |
         | F         | G          | C          | D          |

(Verses alternate A and B tunes.)

Come and see the happy children playing
See them hop and run and skip and jump
See the happy children on the swing set
They don't know they're swinging on a dump

You know your polls are in trouble when
The mustard gas starts seeping past the boats
You should have sprung for that cleanup plan
But the cable station's better for the votes

Walking by the river you start knowing*
That you never should have come tonight
Back at home you notice you are glowing
The waterfront's a class 2 toxic site

The children play on the soccer field
Thinking that the air is fresh and clean
But that's not true; in their lungs you'll find
Asbestos like the doctor's never seen

Now the happy children are in high school
See them on their graduation day
Considering the happy town they live in
No wonder that they all will move away

* "Start knowing?" Ugh.